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Where's Dave Next?

Dave is involved in community issues and activities. He can't make it to all, but these are on his list!

If you have an event you would like Dave to attend, please get in touch!

The View from City Hall
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Understanding the 2018 Capital Budget

February 23, 2018

Page IconPart of the City of St. John's budget is dedicated to capital: major purchases and construction of infrastructure. Council is finalizing its priorities for 2018 spending and Dave shares the details.

What is Council Doing About Cycling?

September 21, 2017

Page IconIt might not be obvious, but there has been quite a bit of progress with Council's support of cycling. Take a read to see what's been happening.

An Historic Opportunity to Ensure We Have Excellent Development Regulations

August 28, 2017

Page IconThere is an information session August 29th about the City's draft Development Regulations. This isn't enough engagement on the document and Dave is calling for more public input.

Update on the Boncloddy St. Balkan Restaurant

August 27, 2017

Page IconA lot of people have shown interest in and support for a resident hoping to open a restaurant but who hit some roadblocks. Here's the latest information.

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