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Budget 2018 Speech

This is the speech read by Councillor Dave Lane announcing the 2018 City of St. John's budget.
Written by Dave Lane at 09:51
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Help Plan Your Parks and Open Spaces!

The City of St. John's is conducting a series of exciting public sessions from March 27 to April 3 as an integral part of its developing Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan. Come to a meeting near you!
Written by Dave Lane at 21:10

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Inform Environmental Policy in St. John's: Join the Committee!

The City of St. John’s is seeking nominations from City residents to serve as volunteer members of the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). Dave chairs the committee and invites you to apply!
Written by Dave Lane at 23:28

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Dave Lane nominated as councillor at large candidate for St. John’s municipal election

Today, at St. John’s City Hall, Dave Lane was officially nominated for candidacy for Councillor At Large for the 2013 municipal election.
Written by Vote Dave Lane at 15:20
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Press Release: NATI, Startup St. John's, and Common Ground mean a Smarter St. John's

Dave Lane supports Startup St. John’s Common Ground initiative as a positive development towards a “smarter St. John’s.” Read on to learn more...
Written by Vote Dave Lane at 07:20

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