Two-Way is the Right Way: Traffic Solutions in Downtown St. John's

Over the years, many people have proposed converting our downtown business district streets (Water and Duckworth) into one-way lanes. While the idea might sound great at first, it would actually do more harm than good.
Written by Dave Lane at 21:39

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Help Plan Your Parks and Open Spaces!

The City of St. John's is conducting a series of exciting public sessions from March 27 to April 3 as an integral part of its developing Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan. Come to a meeting near you!
Written by Dave Lane at 21:10

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Here's why you thought St. John's was banning the media

There was a small uproar over a City of St. John's media release requesting media not to record individuals at upcoming public meetings. The media were always welcome, but we have to understand why this 'blew up'.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:36

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Should St. John's demolish two heritage buildings this month?

Two unique, old buildings in downtown St. John's are being considered for demolition - and the owners want it done ASAP. There's an opportunity to save them and create something incredible.
Written by Dave Lane at 08:49

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ENGAGE! Join the task force that will get our city talking.

The City of St. John's is changing the way it works with the citizens it serves. We are building an "engagement framework" that will guide how City Hall connects with the public, and are looking for a group of people to tell us how to do it.
Written by Dave Lane at 15:53