Inform Environmental Policy in St. John's: Join the Committee!

The City of St. John’s is seeking nominations from City residents to serve as volunteer members of the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). Dave chairs the committee and invites you to apply!
Written by Dave Lane at 23:28

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A #DarkNL update from City of St. John's

St. John's City Council was given an overview of how the city is dealing with various aspects of the current weather and power issue. Here is an overview from Dave's perspective.
Written by Dave Lane at 15:54

We’re All In #DarkNL Together

We're going through a pretty intense period of cold weather, piles of snow, and rolling outages. Let's work together to get through this!
Written by Dave Lane at 12:00

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Important Info: Holiday City Services Schedule

The City of St. John's have provided information regarding what facilities and services are open, closed, or otherwise available throughout the holidays this year. Parking meters, garbage collection, etc.
Written by City of St. John's at 22:46

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How We Should Respond to Snow in the Downtown

It's Christmas week, and it's also snowier than usual in St. John's. This has lead to frustration as shop owners demand to get the snow removed from Downtown sidewalks. Here is some insight into how the City is responding.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:25

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