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On Wetlands and Smart Development

Council has been asked to approve a housing subdivision that would replace a wetland. Dave has been working to prevent this from day one.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:30

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Here's why you thought St. John's was banning the media

There was a small uproar over a City of St. John's media release requesting media not to record individuals at upcoming public meetings. The media were always welcome, but we have to understand why this 'blew up'.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:36

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Inform Environmental Policy in St. John's: Join the Committee!

The City of St. John’s is seeking nominations from City residents to serve as volunteer members of the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). Dave chairs the committee and invites you to apply!
Written by Dave Lane at 23:28

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Better subdivision design increases quality of life and reduces our taxes

Subdivision design is heavily influenced by policies crafted at City Hall, which means it's up to council and staff to make sure we're encouraging excellent development practices. Dave has ideas on how to make this happen.
Written by Dave Lane at 19:20

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Public Transit is Essential

In response to a Telegram Op-Ed that argues against investing in public transit, Dave explained that public transit is about enabling and sustaining a vibrant and inclusive economy, and that we need a system that works for everyone.
Written by Dave Lane at 10:36

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