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Walkers Rejoice! Here’s How St. John’s Has Improved Its Winter Sidewalk Clearing

Pedestrians in St. John's have traditionally been frustrated every winter with poorly cleared (if cleared at all) sidewalks. This year, Council has put a focus on better sidewalk service, and the results are impressive so far.
Written by Dave Lane at 15:44

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Here's Why I Think St. John's Should Finally Improve Its Public Transit System

There seems to be a lack of motivation to improve St. John's public transit system despite calls from all quarters. Dave makes the case for finally tackling the issue.
Written by Dave Lane at 21:30

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Two-Way is the Right Way: Traffic Solutions in Downtown St. John's

Over the years, many people have proposed converting our downtown business district streets (Water and Duckworth) into one-way lanes. While the idea might sound great at first, it would actually do more harm than good.
Written by Dave Lane at 21:39

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