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For the past three years, a volunteer community group called Happy City St. John's has been gently but persistently encouraging collaborative public engagement. We've made plenty of progress, and I'm proud to call myself Founder and Chair.

Throughout these years of talking to people, exploring new ways of doing things, and hearing the possibilities for our City, I've come to develop a vision for St. John's. I'd like to share that vision with you and ask you to join me in a run to be a councillor-at-large to help steer our city in that direction.

I see a St. John's that is a progressive, modern, community-oriented metropolis with low rates of poverty and crime. It’s a “creative capital,” which means it attracts and supports enthusiastic, hard-working people who create and encourage innovative businesses and organizations.

We can blend our rich heritage with our modern future to create a place that inspires innovation and promotes healthiness and happiness. We can grow in a way that is sustainable and affordable for years to come. We can do all this by sharing our ideas and including citizens throughout the decision making process.

St. John's, we have an opportunity - right now - to make decisions that have a lasting, positive impact on our future. Let's build a smarter St. John's - Together.

Written by Dave Lane at 11:30
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