Canada Day in St. John's

Canada Day is such a unique experience in St. John's. Before celebrating our country's birthday, we start the day remembering one of the most important -- and tragic -- events in our history: The Battle at Beaumont Hamel. This battle in World War One saw practically an entire generation of Newfoundland men slaughtered in what some believe was an unnecessary battle.

On July 1, we continue to salute our veterns and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for us. I watched the memorial service from our wonderful War Memorial downtown:

 War Memorial

Canada Day Parade

Then I made my way to Confederation Hill to celebrate Canada Day with my girlfriend, Hedi

Cupcakes with Hedi

And then we popped by Signal Hill to see the historic Tattoo!

Signal Hill Tattoo

And after a long day about town it was home to the welcome purrs of our cats, Alfonso and Isaac :)

Daves Cats

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