A Great Day in the Goulds

Sunday July 7 was hot, sunny, and filled with good vibes in the Goulds as I handed out flyers with my campaign team. Bidgood's kindly allowed us to set up a table at the front entrance so I could meet shoppers and let them know they have a choice in this election.

The people I met were mostly content in their beautiful part of the city, though a few made suggestions like taking care of seniors whose taxes are rising beyond their means and finding ways to deal with unruly neighbours (it was a unique case).

I'll definitely be back to visit, and thanks to my good friend -- and Goulds native -- Joey Woolridge for his help!

Flyers at Bidgoods

We popped by Joey's afterward for some burgers:

Dave with the team in the Goulds

Written by Dave Lane at 08:34

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