St. John's Plan - The Guiding Principles

I sit on the Municipal Plan Review Advisory Group (I like to call it "M-PRAG"), which is a group of community stakeholders invited by the City of St. John's to help steer the creation of our city's next municipal plan.

We spent a lot of time discussing how the city should engage its citizens in this process, and there were a LOT of public meetings, submissions, and online discussions that the planning department has been wading through.

Today, Tuesday, I'm meeting with the group again to go over the "Proposed Principles and Objectives" for the Plan, and I just wanted to pass them by you to get your input. Here are the headings; please open the attached PDF to see their brief descriptions.

  1. Quality of Life
  2. Neighbourhoods Designed for People
  3. Sustainable Growth and Development
  4. Facilitating Commercial Expansion
  5. Connecting the City
  6. Protecting the Environment and Natural Resources
  7. Balancing Heritage
  8. Public Engagement
  9. Regional Cooperation

What do you think?

Municipal Plan Review Principles


p.s. you can learn a lot more about the St. John's Municipal Plan Review on the City's Website


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