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Calling Through A Can

Our city is going through some big changes. Our economy is on "boom," developments are cropping up all over town, and we have all kinds of new technology that enables us to connect with each other and be inform on what's happening - and what to do about it.

The City of St. John's is looking for a diverse group of citizens passionate about our city, the people in it, and - most importantly - the way we make important decisions that affect us all. In other words, we want to involve the people of St. John's in the way we manage our city, and we are starting by asking "How should we engage?"

I've been given the honour of chairing this new "Task Force" (full name: Engage! St. John's: Task Force), and I'm looking for folks who, as a team, will:

  • Review materials from other places to better understand the public engagement process
  • Develop a proposed public engagement policy document with guiding principles for engagement for the City of St. John’s
  • Identify effective engagement tools and approaches for consideration
  • Present a draft and final recommendations to Council for adoption

Read the Engage! St. John's: Task Force terms of reference [PDF]

This is an extremely exciting time for our city, and an incredible opportunity to shape the direction of our city by harnessing the intelligence, experience, and knowledge of our citizens. But let me be clear, this is no easy task. It's an intesive month-long process that will involve over 20 hours of facilitated discussion in May (outside of work hours). Please be certain you are committed to this.

Are you interested in the process of engagement? Do you want to get beyond everyday issues and talk about a broader strategy of how we can create a community that works together? Do you believe that there are construvite ways to engage the public to build the city of our dreams?

If this sounds like you, fill out and send in the Engage! application form by MARCH 21! [PDF]

It's time to strengthen our decision making process and truly engage with the public. Please help us build the framework to make this happen.

Learn more at the City of St. John's website.

Written by Dave Lane at 15:53

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