Help Plan Your Parks and Open Spaces!

The City of St. John's is conducting a series of exciting public sessions from March 27 to April 3 as an integral part of its developing Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan.

Five interactive ward sessions will be held to engage residents in the discussion about how greenspaces and parks contribute to the neighbourhoods in which they are located.

All meetings start at 7PM:

WARD 1: April 3, Wedgewood Park Community Centre
WARD 2: March 27, Foran Greene Room, City Hall
WARD 3: April 2, Cowan Heights United Church, Frecker Dr.
WARD 4: April 1, Lion’s Club Chalet, 139 Bonaventure Ave.
WARD 5: March 31, Kilbride Lion’s Community Centre, 34 Fahey St.

Hope to see you there!

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Written by Dave Lane at 21:10

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