Council should reverse the Winter Avenue traffic changes

Winter Avenue Signs

This month Council tried a solution to a traffic problem, and I think we already know it’s not going to work. We have to reverse the traffic restriction on Winter Ave.

Residents of Winter Avenue have been contacting City Hall for the past couple of years to complain about high vehicle speeds on this street. Speed feedback signs were installed, but not much changed.

So staff did a traffic calming survey and determined that the best option would be to restrict access to the street from King’s Bridge road. Most of the traffic was vehicles using Winter Avenue as a “shortcut” to Portugal Cove Rd.

Council approved the restriction on a “trial basis” to see if it would reduce speeds and this month the trial began.

Right away we heard how many drivers are affected by this change. They have spoken loud and clear, saying there’s not only inconvenience, but there is confusion, congestion, and longer trips to get where they’re going.

All of this is normal when a change is made, but after hearing all of the feedback I’ve realized that wasn’t the right decision. There are lot of streets with speed issues, and just stopping cars from using those streets is not the right approach.

With the fall coming and “back-to-school” and work traffic about to go way up, I want Council to reverse its decision, end the confusion, and find a better solution to this problem.

Ultimately we should remember we're all in this together, and while the City should continue to try traffic calming solutions, the real answer to having safe traffic is for us to drive more safely!


Written by Dave Lane at 07:21

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